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Yesterday's experience, makes us reference today and pioneers tomorrow.


Company founded in 1973 as Talleres Mecánicos LARGUI, CB, located in Lazkao, in Goierri region.

In these early days, the production activity was auxiliary machining for local iron and steel industry, making the profiling and grinding of cylinders for rolling, as well as machining any piece according to drawings.

The business inertia boosted the increase of the production capacity and early 90s, the organization had already tripled its resources.

In 2000 the company name was changed, becoming Talleres Mecánicos LARGUI S.L. and incorporates specialized staff to coordinate the new organizational-productive structure.


Two decades later, we have loyal customers due to three values ??that differentiate us over others: Communication, Cooperation, and Satisfaction.

Careful listening to customer needs and ongoing technical dialogue in pursuit of competitive solutions are the foundation of our work.

The efficient and competitive management of services in industrial manufacturing requires proactive coordination and collaboration among agents in the value chain. Create active agents can involve them in achieving competitive products, thus facilitating the improvement and innovation.

Fruit of satisfaction and confidence generated by a job well done, the final result is the customer loyalty.


Our goal is to take care and satisfy in a competitive and efficient way, current and future customer’s needs in manufacturing processes and technology industry, with a mission and a desire to encourage our customers to continue being leaders in their respective sectors.

People, organizational efficiency and the technological surveillance are the basis of our business. We have the vision of a sustainable global industry that ensures the efficient use of resources and enables social and technological development.

Our differential value is to consider the cooperation and collaboration as a competitive tool, achieving full integration of processes and ensuring their efficiency.

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